Design Your Own T-Shirt!

If you are artistically inclined and want to design your own T-Shirts, I can print your original design.

Recommended computer design programs are Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. If you use one of these programs, I recommend exporting the file as an .eps that you can either e-mail to me or, if it is very large, upload to my ftp site. I don't recommend the use of bitmaps (jpg, tiff, etc.) unless they are for a single color design. The bitmap should be at least 250 dpi at the full reproduction size.

I can also reproduce hand drawn designs (no larger than 8 1/2 X 11" please; I'll enlarge it to the full size on my end.) Black ink reproduces best. If your drawing requires shading, a pencil or ink wash works well. Mail your drawing to me at PO Box 270874; Littleton, CO 80127. I'll return it with the finished shirts.

Designs that print well on T-shirts consist of bold lines, shapes, and fonts. Thin, wispy lines and fonts don't stand out well and in some cases may begin to break up. Shades of gray can be reproduced by converting the image to a halftone, which means a pattern of thousands of tiny dots, like a picture in a newspaper. In some cases this works well, such as a pencil drawing. In other cases, the effect isn't as pleasing, as in large areas of solid gray.

I'm always available for advice and guidance, so if you're not sure how a design will reproduce on a T-shirt, e-mail me a low resolution bitmap and I'll have a look.

A word about copyright

When an artist creates a design or logo, he or she (or whomever paid for the design) owns the copyright. It is against the law to reproduce someone else's design without their permission.

As much as one might like put the Road Runner on a T-shirt for a track team, Johnny Cash on a band T-shirt, the Chevrolet logo on a T-shirt for an auto club, etc., in order to do so you must receive permission from the entity who owns the copyright. Sometimes permission will be granted (usually if it's just a few shirts and they aren't to be sold), but most times it's best to create an original design. (And then YOU own the copyright!)

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