T-Shirt Printing E-Lessons - By N. Shannon Walker

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T-shirt printing E-lessons T-shirt printing E-lessons

welve E-lessons for T-shirt printers. Each one will save you time and make your screen printing life easier and more profitable.

Includes dozens of photographs and illustrations. Also includes two free bonus books and bonus video tutorials.


● Applying Text Effects - Easy effects you can apply to your text to make it stand out.

● Easy Design for Athletic Team Shirts - Simple and attractive design you can use for all your sports teams.

● Ganging Images on a Screen - Save a lot of time and money by doing this.

● Mixing Color - Mix many different colors from just a few cans of ink.

● Print Placement on Shirts - Easy method of measuring correct print position.

● Printing Athletic Numbers and Names - It's easy and will add value to many jobs.

● Printing Individual Names - Also adds value and is easy and fun to do.

● Printing on Baseball Style (Raglan) Shirts - One of the more challenging things to do is easy once you know how.

● Printing on Polo Style (Sport) Shirts - This is also surprisingly easy.

● Printing on Sleeves - Easy way to add value to any job.

● Remove Unwanted Emulsion From a Screen - Two easy methods.

● Shortcuts Tips and Tricks - Eight cool tips that will make your work easier.

Bonuses Included at No Charge:

● Video Tutorials - Introduction to Basic Vector Drawing - 43 minutes of instructional videoto get you started with different tools and effects.

● Magic Screen Printing Tips Volume 1

● Magic Screen Printing Tips Volume 2

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